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My artworks can be accessed from many angles. Some of them can be described as a process-based, others are very physically understood, and others are connected with their place of creation. The common in all aspects of my work appears topics such as care (about oneself, children and household, community), or body and corporality (presence in space-time, sexuality, origin, wandering/searching...), or other psychological themes of the portrait, self-portrait and the reflection of personal identity. It is an effort to present intimacy, analysis of the mental state, a reflection of personal identity, and human struggle against an increasing period of a loneliness epidemic with a conceptual painter gesture.
These paintings have a form of communication, reveals how humans face the changes in relations between subject and object and represented in a new Object-oriented ontology. Inhabiting a long tradition of painting, my approach seems very loosely, which often manifests loose formats, which transit from the surface into space as an installation or in connection with the performance.

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