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Once I defined my aesthetic to me by referring to the experience of making them: ‘impatient, urgent, quick, short-lived’. ‘I’m a thoughtless artist, Things happen without thinking. They happen through the process.’

I am is a multidisciplinary artist working across media with painting, installations, objects, videos, and performances to develop a practice where I reflect existentially lived experience of an individual, a human being in confrontation with the contemporary world. In context of problematic duality of mind and body in the Western tradition, I find the necessary starting point in somatic immersion in painting. This way I describe human behaviour, such as being on the fragile edge between the order and chaos, formation and dissolution, stability and instability.

‘I am battling with, “When is a work finished?”. So, my awareness that there is nothing permanent in the urban environment – in a sense, the work was already reflecting that. Its political content, if you like, is about the lack of permanence, the lack of consistency, the fragility of life.’

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